Guided Winter Alpine Trek in the Chugach Wilderness

An Extraordinary Alaskan Winter Eco-Tour Trek with Brilliant 360-Degree Views in the Vast Chugach Wilderness.






5 hours


10/17/2022 – 4/29/2023



9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Come see the breathtaking, austere light typical of northern winters on a hike above the clouds.

An unparalleled trek on a snow-packed ridgeline with epic views of our vast Alaskan wilderness.

It is at once awe-inspiring as it is peaceful, beautiful yet reserved. The Chugach State Park is one of the biggest state parks in the United States with many unique trails to choose from. Some are ascents on mountain ridges, while others are gentler walks in forested trails and alpine valleys.

This trek is perfect for ages 13+, solo and group travelers, families that enjoy hiking together, and anyone who feels comfortable hiking for 5 hours over varied terrain.

A winter trek gives guests a completely unique experience from the summer months – you can see farther, go places you may not be able to in the summer months, landscape lines are crisp and clean, sound travels farther, the light gives off pale pastels in hues of pink, blue, and creamy orange – even the wildlife displays its winter colors. Our winter landscape offers a feeling of peaceful, calming contentment; you can almost feel the world resting as your feet crunch across the snowy trail. Winter hikes are special and some of our favorite hikes have been during this season of the year.

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What the seasons offer us, what we learn along the way

Our three pillars of focus: safety, wilderness education, and sustainability.

We offer this eco-hike year-round. Both winter and summer have an amazing array of skills and eco-knowledge to learn and different types of beauty to experience in this seemingly infinite state park. Summer is vibrant and grows lush under the midnight sun, with blueberries and autumnal hues in the high alpine, while winter is austere and peaceful – and surprisingly not as cold as you might think!

"Truly breathtaking views above the clouds - they were serious when they said the winter light is awe-inspiring! One of the most beautiful (and earliest) sunsets I've ever witnessed, with pinks and oranges painting a white peaks all around. The sea-ice below was other-worldly. I'm from Southern California and was nervous about hiking in the snow, but I'm glad I went with Kristina - she took care of all my needs and I felt completely safe the entire time. We saw willow ptarmigan and more wildlife, and I learned a wealth of wilderness knowledge from my guide. 10/10 will come back again!"
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December, 2021

Join us for an Alpine Trek this winter!